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MC - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
Outstanding from students is they are easy to follow, have pertinent examples and link well to the standards. I  nd their structure suits my teaching style and the support I get from the sciPAD team is exemplary. If you don't use sciPAD have a look at them and join the team.
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MB - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
Awesome resource for science students at all levels. Excellent especially for L2 and 3 Biology - easily the best workbook choice available for NCEA. Like Comment Share
ZF - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
The sciPADs are exceptional for helping students prepare speci cally for NCEA. Each sciPAD is perfectly aligned to the skills and content required for the standard they cover. My students genuinely enjoy working in their sciPAD and use them as a revision tool prior to the assessments/exams.
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AM - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
I still remember using sciPADs for the  rst time. Compared to the old workbooks the level of engagement was amazing! It still takes me by surprise when the same thing keeps happening. The style of questions, clarity of notes and diagrams, the revision pages and topic tests - all fabulous!
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BG - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
We use sciPADs for all year levels. Junior sciPADs are clear, give good information which is accessible to all learners, and have a mix of engaging activities which are fun to teach and learn with. The Senior sciPAD books are similarly useful, and also have clearly sca olded links to the expectations of each achievement standard. I also value that students can use sciPADs outside of class to become more independent learners. The makers of sciPAD are in touch with Science pedagogy and produce the best quality product on the market.
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AW - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
After carefully evaluating all the options we have used sciPADs for all year levels and science subjects. As a Bio teacher I really like the Y12 & 13 Scipads. The genuine commitment Jason has for science education is also evident in the additional resources he produces such as the hominin banner. Thanks Jason - sciPADs have transformed our teaching.
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KP - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
We use sciPADs from Year 10 through to Year 13. Students  nd them very straightforward to use and the teachers in the faculty are huge fans of them
as well. If you are going to have a workbook in your subject, I highly suggest you check them out. Like Comment Share
KB - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
I really like sciPAD. We've been using them for Year 11 for a while and we changed to using sciPAD for Level 2 and Level 3 Chem, Level 2 and 3 Bio and
Level 2 Physics this year, and I am loving them. I also get great feedback from the kids who also  nd them really intuitive. Like Comment Share
TS - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
Started using the Bio L3 workbooks this year and I really like them. Well thought out, a good range of questions and information. We have been using
other sciPADs for a couple of years now and the clear layout, lack of visual clutter and e ective questions are very bene cial to our learners. Like Comment Share
KB - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
My classes are using sciPAD for the  rst time this year. I  nd them to be set out logically and clearly. There are lots of questions for students to work through at their own pace, but they also develop deeper understanding as the learning is sca olded to ensure the right combination of both challenge and success.
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KC - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
We have been using Junior and Level 1 sciPADs for some time. We have now moved to Level 2 and 3. I would highly recommend Level 2 and Level 3
Chemistry sciPAD workbooks for clear explanations, heaps of examples for the students to complete, previous exam questions, room for summarising new concepts in their own words, etc.
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MT - reviewed sciPAD Science Workbooks -
Love using sciPADs. Easy and clear for students to navigate through the questions. Awesome sca olding to set them up for better understanding.
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